Brunswick Apartments

Matrix has completed a new housing project.

The building was completed at the end of May 2011. The apartments have now been leased to three older, financially disadvantaged lesbians who had difficulty affording current market rent. The intention is to provide universally accessible, long term, secure housing for those in most need. Rent is pegged at 25% total household income – usually – the full pension, plus full rent assistance. Matrix will endeavour to provide social support to the tenant, should this be required, and council services can be sourced as required, but generally the applicants should be capable of independent living. The VWHA manages the properties, and where possible, they will try to source female trades people.

The Apartments

  • purpose built for universal access
  • two bedrooms each
  • in a 5-storey block of about 40 with lifts and a gym
  • north-facing and near each other on the 4th and 5th floors
  • have solar hot water
  • have A/C, heating
  • have stainless steel appliances, gas cooking
  • have a secure, basement car-park with caged storage

To honour Heather Chapple whose generous bequest provided the seeding money for these apartments, we refer to them as Heather’s Flats and we have named them after birds that she loved.  The two on the top floor are called after birds that like roosting in the cliff tops- Peregrine and Kestrel.  The one on the lower level is named after her favourite bird, the little Puffin.

Above: An artist’s impression of the apartment building which is located in Brunswick. The three Matrix apartments are on the 4th and 5th floors, at the rear of the building, facing north to capitalise on natural light.
Above: Interior of one of the apartments
Above: Architectural detail showing a plan view of a typical Matrix apartment. Universal (disability) access design standards have been included, so that if our residents become less mobile, they have an accessible bathroom and kitchen layout which enables independent living for as long as possible.

Consider Matrix in Your Will

Just as Heather has done, you too could make a difference to some of your lesbian sisters who are elderly, perhaps living with a disability and are in a poor financial position. Lesbians who aren’t homeowners, find it almost impossible to afford market rent on the aged or disability pension.

Please remember Matrix and her work in providing affordable, secure housing when you make your will. You can stipulate exactly how you’d like the money spent. For bequests, please identify Matrix as: Matrix Guild of Victoria Incorporated; ABN: 13 869 266 126; ACN: A00 260 57B.

If lesbians don’t bequest and donate money to Matrix’s housing projects, who will?

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