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Heather Chapple, a lesbian feminist who loved animals, to dance, to bird watch and to coax vegetable seedlings from the soil, was also an accomplished poet and carpenter. When she died, Heather left $300,000 to Matrix for the purpose of providing affordable rental housing for older, financially disadvantaged lesbians. The Matrix Real Estate Task Group (RETG) formed and began looking for a unit or flat to buy with Heather’s bequest towards the end of 2008. This grew into a partnership with the Victorian Women’s Housing Association and resulted in the purchase of three comfortable, accessible apartments. These are now rented to some of our members who are no longer in housing stress.
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Heather Chapple

Consider Matrix Guild in Your Will

Please remember Matrix and her work in providing affordable, secure housing when you make your will. You can stipulate exactly how you’d like the money spent. For bequests, please identify Matrix as: Matrix Guild of Victoria Incorporated; ABN: 13 869 266 126; ACN: A00 260 57B.

We are offering some sample will clauses that could be considered when drafting a will:

  1. I GIVE my property at xx Smith Street, Melbourne (‘the Melbourne property’) or any other property I own at the time of my death to the Matrix Guild of Victoria Incorporated ABN: 13869 266 126 (‘Matrix Guild’) for their use absolutely.
  2. I DIRECT that if the Melbourne property or any other property I owned prior to my death has been sold and I reside in a retirement village at my death, the proceeds of sale from my retirement village residence be given to the Matrix Guild for their use absolutely.  I FURTHER DIRECT that should I have been transferred to a nursing home, if there is a bond, the refund of that bond upon my death be paid to the Matrix Guild.
  3. SHOULD the Matrix Guild have ceased operating at the time of my death, I DIRECT that the bequest to the Matrix Guild be given to the Victorian Women’s Housing Association Ltd, trading as Women’s Property Initiatives ABN 64077 478696.
  4. IT IS MY WISH that my Melbourne property be made available:
    1. As ongoing rental accommodation for one or more lesbians with limited means in need of accommodation; or
    2. For a Matrix Guild drop-in centre, or venue for meetings or workshops or similar gatherings; or
    3. As an on office of base for Matrix Guild in Melbourne.

THE BEQUEST to the Matrix Guild is not conditional on the above expression of wishes.

If you’d like to bequest a property to Matrix Guild, we urge you to seek legal advice. You may wish to consider adapting these clauses, so that your bequest occurs as you’d like, even if your life takes an unforeseen turn.
If lesbians don’t bequest and donate money to Matrix’s housing projects, who will?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if the Matrix committee changes? Can I be confident that new committee members will carry out my wishes?

A: The terms of your bequest will bind Matrix in accordance with your intentions.  So a change in the composition of the committee cannot affect the obligation of Matrix to carry out your specific wishes as expressed in your Will.

Q: How secure would my bequest be?

A: All Matrix bequests are placed in a Term Deposit account until they are used for the purpose stipulated. Matrix bank accounts require two signatories for all transactions.  Currently, the signatories are Patricia McGuane, Elizabeth Smith, and Coleen Clare.  As an incorporated association, Matrix’s finances are audited by independent auditors when required by law. We are endorsed as a Charitable Institution with Deductible Gift Recipient status by the Australian Taxation Office.

Q: What if Matrix is dissolved after I’ve made my Will?

A: There is a wind-up clause in the Matrix constitution which provides for any remaining assets to be transferred to a lesbian organisation with similar aims. You also have the option of nominating an alternative beneficiary/charitable organisation in your Will which would receive your bequest should the gift to Matrix fail because Matrix no longer exists.

If you have any specific questions about a bequest, Jennifer Feeney (Solicitor), is familiar with our affairs since she has done a lot of pro bono work for Matrix. She can be reached on her mobile number 0416 167 555

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