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Matrix can supply a speaker to present to your organisation on any topic relating to older lesbians. We do a lot of presentations to Aged Care services, to improve awareness about the needs of lesbian clients. Please contact Anneke on 0427 482 976 or if you would like any further information.

Stop Discrimination in Aged Care

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Workshops & Presentations

Older Lesbians and Aged Care

Anneke Deutsch and Sue Leigh present a three hour session, concentrating on older lesbians interacting with Aged Care services. We look at the discrimination that lesbians and gay men have experienced throughout our lives and how this might affect our experience of Aged Care services. (Bisexual, trans or intersex issues are not covered.) We tailor the presentation to the audience - either having a Community or Residential Care focus. We supply a copy of our booklet "We Live Here Too: A Guide to Lesbian Inclusive Practice in Aged Care" to all participants and other printed resources.

The workshop is interactive with participants breaking into smaller groups and working through a case study or scenario which they later discuss with the larger group. Below is an outline of the workshop:

9:30 Introduction
9:50 Historical Prejudice
10:00 Current Situation
10:30 Inclusive Practice
10:45 BREAK
11:00 Practice scenarios
12:00 Thelma & Maureen's story
12:15 Resources & future training
12:30 FINISH

If you are interested in more information about the topics we can address in our presentations, or for a quote, please contact Anneke on on 0427 482 976 or


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